Built with developers in mind

Before nahmii, software development using blockchain was difficult and slow. With nahmii, we have lowered the barriers to entry for experienced and novice developers alike. Built with developers in mind, nahmii comes complete with a suite of APIs, SDK and CLI toolset.


Why nahmii?

nahmii is the only commercially-viable scaling solution for blockchain available today. No other protocol offers the same combination of performance, security and features. If you want to build a scalable product on the blockchain, you need nahmii.


Every connection to nahmii enjoys a minimum of 15 transactions per second, with no limit on the number of connections. With nahmii, blockchains can finally offer the throughput they need to be business-ready.


True scaling solutions need more than just increased throughput; nahmii has extremely low latency, making the platform perfect for traders.

Transaction Finality

It’s a real challenge to do business on a blockchain where transactions can be reversed. With nahmii, transactions are final as soon as you see the receipt.

Fee Predictability

When moving tokens at scale, the costs can quickly add up. With nahmii’s predictable fees, user know in advance exactly what each transaction will cost. Even better, nahmii’s fees are ultra-competitive.


nahmii is ready for cross-blockchain scaling

nahmii is built and deployed in the Ethereum mainnet but this is only the beginning. Soon nahmii will bring commercially-viable scaling to other blockchains, such as Bitcoin (via RSK) and Libra. Not only will nahmii solve their scaling problems, it will also provide a seamless common layer between blockchains. With nahmii, true blockchain interoperability is now in reach.

Governed by the nahmii Foundation

The nahmii protocol will be governed by the nahmii Foundation, comprised of internationally renowned business from the world of blockchain and beyond. The Foundation will be democratic and partially decentralised, ensuring nahmii’s trustless architecture remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation.


Multiple Commercial Use Cases

Any product built on blockchain will benefit from using nahmii. From fintech platforms to supply chain management and IoT, nahmii transforms blockchain potential into reality. The first nahmii-backed products are already in development, including payments and gaming applications.

Powered by the hubii team

The hubii team are experts in building scalable software solutions, having previous created content delivery platforms serving over 50 million daily users. Based primarily in Bergen, Norway, but with staff across the globe, the core hubii team have worked together for over 10 years on a range of innovative products.

Download the Whitepaper

Find out more about nahmii by reading the original white paper. Includes a detailed description of nahmii’s security architecture and our revolutionary patent-pending Data Availability Oracle.

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hubii core

Try our market-leading digital asset manager hubii core at the link below. Fully integrated with nahmii, hubii core can send both on-chain and nahmii payments, make deposits, withdrawals and more.

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From idea to prototype in under ten minutes, our CLI tool helps developers and power users access nahmii through a simple Command Line Interface. Visit the GitHub repo today!

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Build enterprise grade software on a blockchain for the first time using nahmii’s powerful SDK. Find out more by visiting our GitHub repos on the link above.

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