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Products built on Nahmii are fast, secure, cost effective and easy to build. Architected to empower companies to unleash the full potential of blockchain technology. You can use Nahmii today.

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Welcome to Nahmii 2.0

Nahmii 2.0 is a layer 2 for Ethereum built around the Nahmii Virtual Machine, nVM. This upgraded version of Nahmii provides generalised smart contract support and full composability between them. Nahmii leverages patent-pending state pool technology which gives unprecedented scalability. This makes Nahmii the only commercially viable scaling solution for Ethereum.

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Build the products you want with the tools you love

Nahmii is the platform you need to build solutions that scale on the Blockchain. Nahmii allows you to build your business application layer on top of Ethereum, using familiar tooling that your developers will love. Whether you are building a DeFi project, a FinTech solution, an Industrial IoT integration or a Supply Chain Management platform, you need Nahmii.

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What’s the difference?

There is no other scaling solution on Ethereum today that offers Nahmii's performance. Nahmii introduces State Pools, a patent-pending technology that provides everyone with the right tools to easily build solutions on Ethereum at scale.



Nahmii scales horizontally so blockchains can finally offer the throughput(TPS) they need to be business-ready.



Nahmii is not only about TPS; Nahmii has extremely low latency, making the platform perfect for traders.

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Transaction Finality

With Nahmii you don’t have to wait several minutes or hours for your transaction to be final; When you receive a receipt, that transaction cannot be reversed.

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Fee Predictability

With Nahmii you know transaction costs in advance. Even better, Nahmii’s fees are extremely low.

Uniswap Liquidity Mining

in liquidity mining rewards available for Uniswap liquidity providers this month.

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Developer focused

Before Nahmii, software development using blockchain was difficult and slow. With Nahmii, we have lowered the barriers to entry for experienced and novice developers alike. Built with developers in mind, Nahmii comes with a complete suite of tools. They will love to use our APIs, SDKs and our CLI.

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Live and tested

Built for scale, we work with large enterprises on real projects today.

What our partners think

We are always evaluating technologies that can benefit our maritime customers. Blockchain showed potential for demonstrating to stakeholders that our data is real and has not been tampered with, but it could not handle the data thresholds needed in our implementations.. until Nahmii. With Nahmii, blockchain’s potential has become reality.


Vidar Rabben

CEO Fjord Maritime

It’s clear to me that Nahmii understands customer needs, and how to use blockchain to solve enterprise grade problems. This is evident in the Nahmii layer 2 architecture. The IoT deployment with Fjord Maritime is exciting for Ethereum, and I am looking forward to future applications of Nahmii for enterprise.


Tom Lindeman

Chief Strategy Officer, Runtime Verification (former Director of Strategic Initiatives, ConsensSys Software Inc)

Nahmii’s “State Pools” bring a new approach to the Ethereum scaling conversation- with Nahmii’s method supported through its achieving live customer deployments on Ethereum. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the team at Nahmii grow over the years, and am excited about where things are going with Nahmii.


Erhan Korhaliller

Founder & CEO EAK Digital

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Nahmii is a revolutionary Layer-2 scaling protocol for the Ethereum blockchain, which provides unrivalled throughput, low latency, instant finality and predictable fees. Using smart contracts, Nahmii’s non-custodial system ensures that user’s funds are always safe.

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